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Shatter Proof (Book One)

"For me, Sonia Amon, my first questions hold the spirit and security of my heart, but the second question holds more hatred than I thought myself capable of feeling - Hatred and Fear..."

Newly retired Army physician and War College Professor Sonia Amon returns to war-torn Syria where she plans to open several medical clinics. Syrian-born Sonia possesses the cultural competency, appearance and language skills that make her an ideal operative in the Middle East. Her medical expertise and knowledge of the surrounding mountainous region adds to her strengths. But life is cheap, and her enemies are plentiful.


Danger awaits her outside of Aleppo and follows her everywhere she travels in the country.

When terror strikes, it’s shocking!

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Delusion Proof (Book Two)

Do You Know Your Enemies? Have You Lost Your Credibility?


"I am only aware of fear. It so consumes me that every cell in my body screams for relief. My life goes on and there is nothing in it but fear, loss and terror."

Retired Army Major and physician Sonia Amon, weak, brutalized and incapacitated from injuries received from her terrorist father, travels to Germany with CIA handler Jeff Hansen. As she struggles to deplane she wonders who ordered the assassination of her fiance, Colonel Paul Grayson. At Ramstein AFB, Sonia learns that things are not as they appear but residual damage from a flash-bang grenade and PTSD damage her credibility.


A continuing story of love, survival, vulnerability and grit from USA Today and WSJ best selling author, Judith Lucci.

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Fool Proof (Book Three)

“A cold shadow falls over my face. I open my eyes to see a vulture circling above me. Using my hand, I shade my eyes and see that another has joined it; both gliding on the warm air current as though conserving their strength for the kill that lies ahead… I believe that I am that kill…”

Sonia, beleaguered by nightmares, illness and fear, is obsessed by the possibility that her father Emir Faisal Muhammed is alive. In an effort to control her own destiny she's determined to go to Syria to search for the Emir. A recurring illness takes her to Walter Reed where she learns she's pregnant. She ignored the protests of her physician and Jeff and returns to Syria to search for her father to return where only hatred, fear, death and disaster await her.

A continuing story of love, survival, vulnerability and grit from USA Today and WSJ best selling author, Judith Lucci.

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Tamper Proof (Book Four)

"I exhale into the water, watching for bubbles. Follow the bubbles, I tell myself. The bubbles don’t lie. The bubbles are life.

The water is growing warmer against my skin. Am I nearing the surface? It’s continuing to heat up, painfully so. My hand breaks the surface, and I pull myself upward. I’m joyous that I’ve left the water behind and can breathe freely… that is until I realize the heat comes from the ring of flames around me, floating like Hell on the shifting waves."

Still recovering from near death experience Sonia is determined to move her small family to safety. Under duress from the CIA, she agrees to leave her family under CIA Protection and journey to an unusual US instillation, an underground salt mine, recently built to train first responders to combat and respond to terrorism. Life in the underground mine is bleak and depressing, but Sonia focuses on her work until she’s attacked by the very people she is assigned to protect.

A continuing story of love, survival, vulnerability and grit from USA Today and WSJ best selling author, Judith Lucci.

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Obsession Proof (Book Five)

When your father's a terrorist and wants to kill you…
… the obsession never ends. Instead, it passes to your children.

Can Sonia save the child she loves?
Dr. Sonia Amon, retired Army major and battlefield surgeon, based on intelligence from the CIA learns her terrorist father plans to kidnap her son. She accepts a menial position at Carter’s military school to protect him.…But can she?
Did the CIA mislead her?

Who can she trust?

There are spies everywhere.

Sonia does her best…

But Carter disappears.

You'll love this medical thriller because of the mix of love, brutality, hatred and love that makes for an undeniable page turner. You'll be up until dawn.

Get it now.

Sonia Amon Novels – Stories of love, strength, vulnerability and grit.

© 2016 Judith Lucci

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