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in the first book in the Artsy Chicks mysteries!


Lily, LauraLea and the rest of the the Artsy Chicks are busily preparing for a white Christmas on Massanutten Mountain. The Art Gallery has taught dozens of classes and served gallons of Mulled Wine. Dr. Kenzie Zimbro, the local medical examiner stops by to shop and reports she's working over the Christmas Holiday. Lily and LauraLea detect a sadness in Kenzie they hadn't noticed before. A few days later, during a massive blizzard, Kenzie is forced to confront her demons when she investigates the murder of a man by a Virginia black bear. A Christmas story of love, grief, and forgiveness.

Gawd Almighty 2.jpg

Will Lily and LauraLea Ever Learn?

It was hot. Too hot. The Dog Days of Summer always were. The Artsy Chicks had been painting, teaching classes, crafting and blending the Art Gallery’s famous Wine Slushees for hordes of thirsty customers. Things seem okay until Lily notices that Gawd Almighty, the Gallery’s pet possum has disappeared.

A Murdered Professor
A short time later, Dr. Kenzie Zimbro, the medical examiner for the mountain area, stops by the Gallery and tells the Chicks about the strange murder of a Virginia Tech Biology Professor at the tip-top of the mountain. His dead body was surrounded by kernels of corn. Lily and LauraLea put on their detective caps to search for Gawd Almighty and find themselves tangled-up with the Hillbilly Clan and in a life-threatening position.

Jewel Heist (An Artzy Chick Mystery, #3)

Help! There’s a Dead body in the Back Yard of the Gallery!
To make matters worse, the corpse is the mortal enemy of Lily and LauraLea. The last people to see her alive, were of course, Lily and LauraLea. Things aren’t looking good for the Artzy Chicks when Officer Screech of the Massanutten police begins to ask questions. Then Lily and LauraLea learn the murder weapon was something the lady purchased the night before at the Gallery. Gheeze! Can their good friend and local medical examiner, Dr. Kenzie Zee and her handsome investigator Benson, keep the Chicks out of jail?

Well, it’s gonna be tough!

Death on the slopes_Kindle.jpg

There’s a Dead Body on the Ski Slopes!

Sam Painter was a great guy and good community leader. Woman loved him, men respected him…

But someone hated him…Enough to murder him.

Lily, LauraLea and Kenzie are devastated over the death of their friend Sam Painter. Sam, an expert skier and former Olympian, had planned a full day of skiing on Massanutten Mountain’s Diamond slope until he was stopped. Moments later he was dead in his tracks. Lily and LauraLea help medical examiner Kenzie Z. investigate the crime, but a series of twists, turns and evil keep them guessing far longer than they liked.

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A group of eccentric and talented but zany artists in their Art Gallery at a Mountain Resort, venturing out, solving crimes and getting themselves smack dab in the middle of the most wonderful, glittery and yet the most awfullest situations possible.

Don’t miss the sleuthing fun times with the most unlikely of sidekicks; Gawd Almighty, the opossum, Vino, the wine loving yellow Labrador retriever, and certainly last but not least, a snake eating cat named Rembrandt.

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